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photo: Mark Cooper

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I'm riding for OFS PC Warren Lesser and his family. Miss you brother. Thank you to everyone for their support, donations and encouragement.

Participating in the ride and being a firefighter are just ways for me to repay Canada for all the opportunities and welcome I received upon my immigration. Love the ride, participants, and everyone involved! I really appreciate the opportunity to ride along you all!

Riding to Honour, Support and Remember all Fallen Firefighters!

I have been wanting to do this ride for a number of years, but other events conflicted with it. I know a few of the members from past years and they speak very highly of the experience. I'm looking forward to the comradery and the good people we will meet along the way. The fact that it is to raise money for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation makes it even more close to my heart and attending the Canadian Memorial will be special as well.

I like to challenge myself and when the opportunity to be part of the team of CFFF Memorial Ride Cyclists arose, I just couldn't pass it up. The cause is noble, the camaraderie, the physical accomplishment, the adventure, the laughs and tears we share are reasons why I plan to take part in the ride every year. I have been a Volunteer Firefighter with Hamilton since 2011 and this year I am beginning a career as a Firefighter with Toronto Fire Services.

I look forward to the ride each year, it is an opportunity to create awareness, raise funds and pay tribute to our fallen members. By participating in the ride and attending the memorial ceremony, we are able to demonstrate our support for families of our fallen brothers. I value the relationships and connections I’ve made participating over the last three years, and there is little that compares to the feeling of joy and accomplishment on the last day as we ride into Ottawa

As the organizer of this ride I am extremely proud of what it has become. It is now the largest fundraiser for the CFFF. I thank every rider that has riden in the past and the riders that are riding this year. It is a huge commitment and is greatly appreciate by myself and the Foundation.

I attended one of the hospitality suites when I met Dave Cossitt and a handful of cyclists after their inaugural ride. After speaking to Dave and the others I decided that I wanted to be a part of it and bring HFD on board. The whole purpose of my visit to Ottawa that weekend was to honor and remember those that had made the ultimate sacrifice in their service to others. I thought Hamilton could contribute to this worthy cause and asked Dave if we could join the following year. HFD has been involved ever since. I've witnessed the ride grow to what it is today. Riding into Ottawa under police escort is very emotional. One, because you are exhausted after 500+ km on a bicycle and 2, when the monument comes into view you forget about everything other than why we ride. The memorial service is also very emotional because you are parading in front of families that have lost a loved one in a LODD. We are all brothers and sisters in the fire service and a loss of one is felt by all. I hope to continue to ride as long as I am able

The first ride in 2017 began primarily as a fitness goal for me. But after experiencing the ride, the memorial and the activities in between, it became much more than that. I am proud to be part of a group of like-minded firefighters from across the country who literally and figuratively push each other up the hills. There is great camaraderie and support and it’s uplifting to be part of a group that is riding for a purpose that is important and close to our hearts. This ride is an opportunity to show solidarity with all those who have loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice doing the job we do or have done. It’s a tangible way of doing something when confronted with the memory of 911 and the yearly updates of Line of Duty Deaths. I can show my respect and recognition of the sacrifice to the families by riding to raise money and awareness for the Canadian Fallen Firefighter Foundation and being present at the memorial. The ride serves to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters in the Fire Services across the country.

I ride to honour our fallen brothers, sisters and their families.

I am riding because I believe this is an excellent opportunity to challenge myself while also contributing to a worthy cause. I have worked in some capacity in the fire service for nearly 10 years and have a great deal of respect for our professional community. I ride to honour those that have paid the ultimate price through their service. As an avid cyclist I am always looking to push my boundaries. I have completed endurance rides in the past but nothing to this extent. I look forward to the challenge and the opportunity to meet new individuals that share similar values.

This will be my first ride I am riding with honour and pride to support all of our past , present and future firefighters. My favourite part of the ride is the reason we are riding. All of our fallen firefighters should never been forgotten for the sacrifices they made. I am proud to be apart if this very amazing memorial ride and will do my best to remind everyone of these hero’s that made the ultimate sacrifice.

I ride in memory of my friend and shift mate Anthony Vanderholst KFR 32 who died in the Line of Duty in February 2011. The Memorial Ride is a great way to raise money for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation to help remember all those who gave their lives in the service of their communities.

I am riding to help raise money for the families of our brothers and sisters who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the people of the community’s they have served. My favourite part of the ride is all the new people I have met across this great country.

This is the first time I am participating in the ride, I’m excited for the challenges ahead and meeting great people along the way. I’m really happy to be apart of this event to celebrate the life, raise awareness, remember and honour all the firefighters who have died in the line of duty over the years.

I ride in remembrance of our brothers and sisters who we have lost in the line of duty. Thank you for your service. We will never forget you.

I am riding for the fallen firefighters. I have heard so many good things about the ride and wanted to experience it. I look forward to the challenge and meeting all the riders!

I’m riding in this year's Celtic Fire Memorial Ride to Ottawa, as this is a small way to honour those who have made the highest sacrifice, and to help their families as best I can. This will be my first long distance ride since riding coast-to-coast across Canada in 2000. Cycling is an enjoyable social way to keep fit and to see how beautiful our country is. What better way to do that than with other firefighters who are also supporting our cause. Each rider has a goal to raise a minimum of $500, though I’d like to be able to double that and with your support we can work together to reach that goal. If you’re wondering on who to support, try the old guy, the over 50 contingent! Tasks like this get more daunting each year. Every bit helps and please follow the link to donate what you can. I thank you in advance for any amount you’re able to contribute.

The ride really hits home when you lose your co-workers, friends, family away from home, to job related cancers and illnesses. With many moments of reflection while on the ride, memories of the people I have loved, admired, and lost, I am filled with immense pride when riding into Ottawa and seeing the memorial. Doing something positive for the families of the fallen, and showing my respect for those who have gone before me, makes the thousands of kilometers of training and dedication for the ride, well worth the effort.

I am a paid-on-call firefighter with over 6 years of service combined between Ottawa Rural and Beckwith Township. I am an avid cyclist and I am riding as this cause is extremely important to the firefighters and families that belong to this great profession. Every little bit of effort and support helps to strengthen this cause for those that we can help. As this is my first ride I look forward to the connections and the experiences along the way.

I have always loved riding my bike. And what could be better than riding a hike distance with a great group of people all for an amazing cause!

I'm riding to push myself outside of my comfort zone in order to inspire people to donate to a noble charity that supports firefighters families.

I started this ride not only to show support for the fallen firefighters and their family’s but as a personal challenge. Along the way we herd stories from family that lost there loved ones, witnessed the generous donations from many departments and companies along the way and had the opportunity to ride with and meet so many people, a few of which have turned into great friendships.

I'm riding to recognizes the sacrifices some of our brothers and sisters have made to keep their communities safe.

A chance to ride for a great cause with my brother firefighters. Each year this has been the much anticipated highlight and culmination of my cycling season. The camaraderie is awesome, the scenery fantastic and the outstanding support of the Departments we pause at is heartwarming. Looking forward to another great ride!

To draw attention and promote awareness to all the Fallen Fire Fighters Memorials, Municipal, Provincial and Federal.

I’m a volunteer firefighter in Hamilton, have been for 4+ years. To me the cycling and fire communities are some of the best out there. So welcoming and supportive so when told about the ride it was a no brainer. I have a background in distance running and triathlon.

It started as a challenge to myself to ride that many kilometres. Then I met the president of the CFFF, found out how important the funds are to them. Then a fellow FF and friend died of cancer. Changes your perspective.

This will be my first year participating in the memorial ride and I am looking forward to coming together with my fellow Firefighters to raise funds and show support for colleagues and their families who have lost their lives serving our communities. 

This will be my 3rd year participating in the memorial bike ride to Ottawa. I am doing this to honor, support and remember all fallen Firefighters. I really look forward to the challenge and comradery that the ride offers.

Riding for this charity gives me a sense of purpose to support those who gave their lives and a sense of pride of being part of such a great group from all over the country. Every year it's an honor.

The sport of cycling was introduced to me by a close friend. Over the past couple of years participating in group rides has allowed me to meet a wide variety of people while keeping in shape. I chose to participate in the Memorial Ride to challenge myself at the same time riding with fellow firefighters who all share the same passion.

Once again this year I am lucky enough to join this incredible group of women and men on this journey as we cycle from Hamilton to the Canadian National Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Ottawa. We are cycling to raise funds and awareness for the Memorial. Please consider supporting if you are able.

This ride is a great opportunity to meet firefighters and fellow bike enthusiasts from across Canada while raising funds for a fantastic organization.

I like to challenge myself physically and this is a good way to raise funds and awareness of firefighters that have given their lives for others.

I'm riding to Ottawa to help support the family’s of our fallen brothers and sisters whom have given their lives to protect others. I really enjoy riding my bicycle and the health and fitness benefits it brings, so this is a great way to challenge myself while having fun and supporting a great cause.

In 2017, one of my crew members spoke to me about a ride he was doing from Toronto to Ottawa over two days and asked if I was interested. I told him definitely, but I'll have to buy a bike first. I've enjoyed the annual event ever since, whether it was the great conversations, awesome scenery, the physical challenge or the satisfaction of finishing such a long ride.

I'm riding to accomplish a long distance ride that i have never done before. I'm also using this time to bond with my crew members who are also participating on the ride as well as other fellow firefighters. My experience in cycling has already grown so much through the knowledge of the people around me. I'm looking forward to cycling on roads I have never been on before, and seeing other fire departments along the way. Furthermore to be apart of a collective group that is honoring firefighters and accomplishing this ride together.

I am riding to honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and to support their loved ones. My favourite part of the ride is the awesome banter and camaraderie that we share along the way.

My first ride was in 2018, that year my Platoon Chief and friend, Randy Tureski’s name was added to the wall. He passed away from job related cancer. The ride was difficult, but the enthusiasm and welcoming nature of the other riders, none of whom I knew prior to the ride, made it most enjoyable, I was hooked. In 2019 another of our members, CFPO Nick Webb’s name was added to the wall, as he too succumbed to job related cancer. Participating in the ride and attending the memorial, to support the families of those whose names are being added to the wall, is important to all of us who make the effort. Once again, this year another of our members, Retired Platoon Chief Robert Vessey’s name will be added to the wall and I will be riding in his memory, as well as all those who’s names will be added.

I'm riding in memory of our fallen Brothers and Sisters. My favourite part of the ride is the amazing scenery that we ride through. The ride is an amazing cause and an amazing way to see southern Ontario.

The Memorial ride to Ottawa is an experience that combines the great sport of cycling, raising money for a special foundation that honours our fallen and building comradery amongst current and retired firefighters across the country. After completing my first ride in 2022 I know it would be the first of many and something I look foreword to each year. The ride offers so many great experiences but the one that sticks out for me is seeing my grandfathers name on the wall at the memorial.

I'm riding to bring awareness to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our communities and save lives. To remember the fallen brothers and sisters who are no longer with us. To support their families and never forget the legacy they left behind.

I am Riding to be part of something much bigger than myself and push the limits to what my body is capable of doing. I am looking forward to push those limits besides my brothers and sisters of the services throughout Canada. My favorite part of the ride is the ending and my nap.

This will be my fifth memorial ride for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation, a great cause that started my full time firefighting career in Ottawa, a ride that started from my hometown in Hamilton, and now finishes in my hometown of Ottawa.

Hi, I am riding to honour and remember the friends and colleagues who have died in the line of duty.

I ride to honor our too many fallen brothers and sisters, bring support to their family and to raise awareness about the immediate and long term risks related to firefighting. I enjoy training all year long for this ride and especially spending the whole summer on my bike exploring different routes and regions. I enjoy every parts of the ride, getting to know the new riders and catching up with the experienced riders, the camaraderie all along the way, but the arrival at the memorial is the most meaningful part of the ride.

I'm riding to honor the firefighters that died on the line of duty and their families. My favorite part of the ride is riding through Toronto amongst high rises, tramways and main boulevards like the whole city is on pause for us! This is without forgetting the impressive Toronto Police escort that are insuring our safety while we cruise through Toronto.

Excited to help carry on this annual tradition with like-minded firefighters from across the country.

I am riding to support my colleagues and the families of my colleagues. Although I do not have experience with this ride, I am an avid cyclist and have ridden lots. I look forward to meeting all of the riders, and doing what I can to support others on the ride.

As a first time rider, I am excited to join this great group to support an even better cause!

This September I will be embarking on a 3 day bike ride from Hamilton to Ottawa. I will train and challenge myself to cover the 540km distance. The purpose of the ride is to raise funds and awareness for the The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (CFFF)

After my first visit to the memorial it became quite apparent how important this was to both family and friends of those names etched in the wall. We will all know someone who will become a statistic from the profession they picked and love over our career. Helping support a cause that helps one of our own seems to be the least I can do. Being in attendance is a solemn experience that puts our commitment into perspective. I continue to promote attendance to all.

Riding in memory of my Father Marty Costoff who passed away from LODD in August of 2021. I am looking forward to raising money and awareness about FireFighter LODD.

I’m riding to honour the 4 brothers that my department will be putting on the wall this year, my favourite part of the ride I’m sure will be the stories and experiences from the other riders.

Family is one of the most important things to me. My father, brother, and grandfather were all firefighters. I ride for them, and the new family I have been hired into with Ottawa fire last year. We are stronger together and I ride to support this big family.

I'm cycling 550km to raise funds in support of our fallen firefighters and their families. I believe this is a very worthy cause for those that have sacrificed for their communities. I enjoy physical challenge and this will be my longest distance cycling. I'm looking forward to riding through Trenton and Kingston, as I spent several years there in my military career before joining Ottawa Fire.

To support all firefighters that have passed away in the line of duty and to participate in a great event with fellow firefighters.

The ride really hits home when you lose your co-workers, friends, family away from home, to job related cancers and illnesses. With many moments of reflection while on the ride, memories of the people I have loved, admired, and lost, I am filled with immense pride when riding into Ottawa and seeing the memorial. Doing something positive for the families of the fallen, and showing my respect for those who have gone before me, makes the thousands of kilometers of training and dedication for the ride, well worth the effort.

I’m riding to raise awareness and funding for the CFFF. An organization that helps the families of firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. I like being apart of this group because they show what is possible when we come together, our strength in numbers. The fire service has been apart of my life for many years and I look forward to being able to participate in something that allows me to give back.

I have been a FF with the City of Ottawa for 37 years and would love the opportunity to ride for this great cause. I have heard so many great stories about the ride, looking forward to the challenge.

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